Superior Beans, Superior Freshness

DSCF Coffee is currently available in Original Medium Roast and Decaf Medium Roast.  In February 2018, we will debut our new dark roast and light roast. We hand-blend beans from Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil to create these signature blends. We then craft roast our beans in small batches under a watchful eye. We work hard to get them to the consumer as quickly as possible for superior freshness. The result is  a well-balanced, rich and flavorful coffee with an amazing aroma and smooth finish. 


As we source our beans, we work with a team of coffee experts who have developed relationships with coffee farmers around the world.  We strive to use beans that are fairly sourced and harvested in a sustainable manner. Whether drip, pour over, press, cold brew, or in an espresso drink, we think you'll appreciate all the detail and attention we give our beans.